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Your business, your story, your online store.

This is what I do.

Small businesses are the heart of community.  A huge problem for small business is that reaching customers isn't what it used to be.  Customers are not driving or walking into the community to seek you out. If your business is a pop up store, sales are often hit or miss and limited to the people passing on the street. 


Today's shoppers are usually purchasing 90% of what they need online.  For most consumers, it has become simplified to shop online. 


You've been working hard at building your inventory. Now that you have products, what's next?

I understand why small and new business owners are reluctant to begin an online business, start a website or use facebook to sell their products.  Getting through the set up is a huge challenge.  It takes a lot of time, understanding social media and often more technical know how to get it done.    

I can help uncomplicate the experience. This is a basic road map: you need a business email and bank account, then select a user friendly business website like Go Daddy which can be linked to the free social media platform Facebook/Instagram Meta Business Suite.  This connects your business to the online superhighway. 

The benefits:  A good, user friendly website has all the functions built into the site to efficiently run a business, including product inventory, pricing, images, description, tax and shipping formulas, and a secure app for customers to make their payment which then goes into your business account.  Once this is set up, the next step is to create your Meta Business Suite on Facebook.  Facebook and Instagram are then linked to your webpage -then the possibilities are huge.


I partner with small businesses to plan and set-up your online business based on your needs and interest.  I don't build websites but I do design and connect them to showcase your business and products.  This streamlines your work and reaches customers that would have never walked into your store or stopped by your booth.


Once your products are online and you experience the ease of online business, it feels like success! 


I invite you to visit a Guadalupana Art Studio website to see how his website works and shop the store.   Click the link to visit -

Guadalupana Art Studio at 


Your business, your story, your online store.

This is what I do. 

Cynthia Gomez, Owner &

         Producer of Creative Content 

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A Young woman in a recording studio
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Introduction: Welcome
Introduction: Services

Your No Cost Consultation

What to Expect At Your Consultation

The consultation requires at least an hour but not more than two hours.  During this time I :

  • learn about your business and goals

  • learn about and evaluate your current use of online resources

  • outline steps to determine how to grow your business using website commerce and point of sale apps to promote and increase your sales.


Social media can be overwhelming, I help clarify uncertainty of social media and benefits for growing your business.  

These are services I offer to assist in the development and design of your online store.

  • Set-up a user friendly website with business logo, 

  • Write text for your webpage story

  • Photograph and upload products and inventory, descriptions and pricing​ to online store

  • Photograph images of physical store, staff, owner engaging with customers

  •  Produce a brief, impressive video-story for your website or link to You Tube

  • Set up or update Facebook/Instagram pages to Meta Business Suite 

  • Link Business website to Meta Business Suite

  • Help you identify a social media manager if you need one

  • Work hand in hand with your social media manager to understand how to navigate the online store and regular social media posts.

More on Social Media Management and Supports

As a business owner, you will need to decide who will take on the task of managing the online store.  Your time is valuable and social media is often a distratction from day to day business.  In this time of social media,  we have learned it is an essential part of your business success.  Social media takes time, knowledge, skill and talent.  You may have someone on staff who can manages your social media and it may be a matter of assigning this as a regular task to that person.  If this is the case, you are one step ahead of others.  If you don't have that person on staff, I can help you figure this out.  There is no obligation to set up a no-cost consultation that will look specifically at your needs and budget.  I am happy to help and I take clients on first come basis. If you keep putting this off, its to your benefit to give me a call this week.  Let's schedule a time to talk.

Insurance Consultation
Business Consultation
IT Consulting
Introduction: Services

Share Your Story

"Please, Introduce yourself to your customers"

Engage and build customer trust 

A customer's  goal is to find their best source to fulfill their needs and be satisfied with their purchase.  Your objective is to reach your customers, introduce your business, build trust and confidence to address their needs so they become loyal customers.  


Word of mouth and reputation get you noticed.  Social Media is the modern word of mouth where customers refer others, friends and family to the places they trust.


Customer ratings are posted on google and shared across your community.  Your business name, location and contact information is listed.  A regular presence on social media platforms keeps you on customer radar, especially when you promote your products and specials linked to your business website.

A business website carries your name, location, hours of operation, contact information and an inventory, images, prices of your products and services.  You make your business stand out by sharing your story in writing or by video.  It tells customers who you are, why you provide your products and services and what is unique about them. 

With an online presence you generate online purchases and draw new customers to your  your front door for more sales.  The rest of the story is determined by quality, consistency and service and product.

Director and Producer of  Creative Content


Cynthia J. Gomez

Hello, I'm Cynthia Gomez, Native New Mexican of Genizaro Indian descent. My family. has always been from the place we call New Mexico.  I was born and raised in Albuquerque's Plaza Vieja.  My family heritage is rooted and enriched through a blending of Native American and Hispano cultures, foods, architecture, languages, events and places. 


In my mother's words, "We've always been from here." Her guiding words gave me confidence to fully embrace our deep connections and responsibilities to New Mexico and our diverse people and cultures.


Family and community influence my life as social worker, educator and facilitator of my own, and other people's stories.  I've seen how stories build and maintain the health, identity and prosperity of communities. My small business, Pipestone Media Solutions, is created to provide a service to support and empower small business, organizations and individuals as they contribute to growing strong communities. I appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs.

Introduction: Services
Introduction: Testimonials

Production Reviews

Award winning Documentary Film:

New Mexico Film Office awarded "Land Water People Time best documentary film of 2012

Highlands University 2012 Media Mahem Festival  Land Water People Time awarded "Best of Show" and noted by judges as "A cultural treasure"


Land Water People Time is a collection of stories reflecting the dynamic relationships between people and places of Northern New Mexico


About the film: A three member team of filmmakers trekked over 500-thousand square miles of Northern New Mexico to reveal unique places and their elements as voiced as peoples' authentic New Mexican experience.


 The collection is a reminder of our human relation stories and connection to places defines New Mexico as the "Land of Enchantment.  Through these stories we are reminded of the inherent values of land, water and our collective role as intergenerational stewards of places.

Land Water People Time screened across New Mexico and available for screenings.  Available with tailored curriculum for diverse audiences:  by appointment.


"I'm familiar with Cynthia's work as a fellow selected for one of our training programs provided by the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) and the NM Film Office. I've always supported her and found her to be professional, courteous and willing to learn. I'm proud of the progress she's made in her documentary film work and look forward to seeing what she does next!"

Trish Lopez, Teeniors Film Industry


"I have worked with Cynthia in a variety of settings. She has always been very professional, very attentive and very dedicated to group processes. Her dedication to quality work and democratic principles makes her a unique person in our individualistic media culture." 


Enrique Cardiel, a part of the Organizing Committee for the South Valley Marigold Parade.  Pipestone Media Solutions produced their video report for funders in 2009.  Needless to say the funders were blown away by what was accomplished, the video told the story that would have taken volumes to express.

Enrique "Chuy" Cardiel

Schedule a free consultation

"I look forward to scheduling a time to learn about your interest in Pipestone Media Solutions.  I'll personally get back with you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry." 

Thank you.

Cynthia Gomez, 

Thank you for submitting!

Introduction: Contact
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