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to your startup business site!"

I grew my small business, as a   sole-owner home based business startup. 


On several occasions throughout my professional career, I attempted to begin my own business that did not pan out.  Mostly because I didn't know what I needed to do, couldn't find the right resources and support.


Retirement and the pandemic created the right circumstance for me to learn the ropes by diving right into the world of free startup workshops.  


I was delighted  to find so much support, I found everything to be important. It was a lot of information, I became overwhelmed and uncertain.  It took me an extra years of bouncing around before I was able to outline a growth plan. The idea of a business plan was overwhelming and other tasks simply distracted building my basic foundation that a business plan is built upon.


It's through my experience and conversations with other startup businesses that I came to the decision to offer other startups support. 

Startups in year-one plus:

Outline you first-year growth strategy, take a look at my free planning guide

Become familiar with community resources available to startups. Don't jump into the workshops without first outlining a growth plan.   Fit these workshops into your growth strategy timeline, not the other way around.

Develop an online presence that circumvents social media until you can afford a social media manager.  Look at my free media hack for startups.

Consider tapping into a volunteer business mentor (SBA) who can help you navigate your growth plan and make adjustments.

Participate in an informal startup network by subscribing to the Pipestone Media Solutions startup network.


Startups in year two and beyond ready to: Create or upgrade to a professionally produced video-story, are invited to schedule their free consultation with Cynthia Gomez.  


What makes me qualified and unique to create your video-story are decades of gathering individual and community oral histories, storytelling and producing award winning documentary films.

Look into my pre-consultation questionnaire and Social Media Assessment to get an idea of the topics we will cover in the video-story consultation.

My goal is to help you succeed in your business, focus your time and resources in the growth of your business, develop and  create your video-story and outreach to build your clientele.  


Consumers want to know your story.  They want to trust and have confidence in your business and your product. So why not give them your story?


My business is to building healthier, engaged communities by supporting startup success.  Getting through those first couple of years is personal.  After a business has a strong foundation is when they can invest in my professional products and services.  Until then I help startups along the way.

If you are a startup business in your first two years of operation, I recommend reading Startup Media Hacks.


If you are a small business in year two+ years in operation, I recommend you continue exploring our site or go directly to Social Media Assessment.


Which are you?

Store Clerk and Customer with Smile
Small Business Owner
Local Business Partners
Introduction: Services

It's not the chicken or egg question

Your product inventory can influence your investment in your online presence.

Is your product inventory over $1K and do you have the finances to quickly increase inventory for local and city wide distribution; for regional or national distribution: or a distribution someplace in between?

A customer's  goal is to find their best source to fulfill their needs and be satisfied with their purchase.  Your objective is to meet your customer, introduce your business, show your product, build trust and confidence so they become loyal customers.  Who are your customers, where do they live? Are they community & neighbors or the masses?   


Social Media serves as a modern "word of mouth" where curious clicks and followers, we hope, may become customers.  Social media is a marketing opportunity that needs to have limits set.  Business links are shared among friends and family, and with enough investment and luck, your business may go viral!  Sometimes social media marketing appears as a vice.  Harmless, right?


The evolved small business may operate at both the local and national level requiring higher financial investment, quick product turnover, and thus requiring professional social media management.  If you are financially ready, researching services and costs may be your next step. 


Many businesses are profitable and producing enough inventory and capacity to provide to wholesalers, or high demand of individual consumers.  By this point a business will have consultants to advice them on their growth.


These are not the customers I speak to or serve.  I speak to the startup and smaller business working on developing their products for local, citywide customers.


The startup business requires a different approach to growth so their budget and time matches their online presence. There are likely smaller inventories, less product developed and resources are limited.  I recommend investing your resources to a smaller social media footprint that serves your pace of growth by establishing a video-story online presence describing your business, mission, products and what makes your product unique.


In my blog, I explain the steps and the relative inexpensive cost of creating and uploading a video-story to YouTube.  Then using that link to create a unique QR code.  Print that code on your business card and engage customers by your video-story.  If you have a website great, though at this early point you may not need one.  For more information read my blog post: Startup Media Hack.


Creating a social media growth plan.  It is wise to understand from early on that social media platforms are designed to encourage and even pressure businesses to increase posts daily, which often leads to purchasing adds -with the promise of reaching more people.  There can be a danger in not having a plan that works effectively in support of your business.  Social media can actually work against you -clicks and followers do not necessarily translate to customers, though posting stories and reels can increase name and product recognition.  Social media should ideally grow with the business' ability and not beyond it.  In all truth, I personally don't like seeing sales adds so often, I think social media is really about entertainment.  Social media is the new television that we make ourselves.

A business website can become a great marketing and sales tool that requires time, skills, and ability to learn the system then regular maintenance.  The site is the best place for your video-story, mission statement, products, services are provided to the curious and serious customers.  If you want to sell online, your website can be linked or collaborate with other national sites like Etsy, Amazon, etc. 

Owner and
Creative Content Producer


Cynthia J. Gomez

Hello, I'm Cynthia Gomez, Native New Mexican of Genizaro Indian descent. My family. has always been from the place we call New Mexico.  I was born and raised in Albuquerque's Plaza Vieja.  My family heritage is rooted in and enriched through a blending of Native American and Hispano cultures, foods, architecture, languages, events and places. 


In my mother's words, "We've always been from here." Her guiding words gave me confidence to fully embrace our deep connections and responsibilities to New Mexico and our diverse people and cultures.


Family and community guided my life work as social worker, educator, gatherer and facilitator of people's stories.  Stories are essential to build and sustain the health, identity and prosperity of communities.


I own and operate a small business, Pipestone Media Solutions. It was created to provide a service to support and empower small business, organizations and individuals as they contribute to growing stronger, healthier communities. I look forward to continued growth, health and economic solvency across our communities.

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Introduction: Testimonials

Media Production 

Award winning Documentary Film:

New Mexico Film Office awarded "Land Water People Time best documentary film of 2012

Highlands University 2012 Media Mahem Festival  Land Water People Time awarded "Best of Show" and noted by judges as "A cultural treasure"


Land Water People Time is a collection of stories reflecting the dynamic relationships between people and places of Northern New Mexico


About the film: A three member team of filmmakers trekked over 500-thousand square miles of Northern New Mexico to reveal unique places and their elements as voiced as peoples' authentic New Mexican experience.


 The collection is a reminder of our human relation stories and connection to places defines New Mexico as the "Land of Enchantment.  Through these stories we are reminded of the inherent values of land, water and our collective role as intergenerational stewards of places.

Land Water People Time screened across New Mexico and available for screenings.  Available with tailored curriculum for diverse audiences:  by appointment.


"I'm familiar with Cynthia's work as a fellow selected for one of our training programs provided by the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) and the NM Film Office. I've always supported her and found her to be professional, courteous and willing to learn. I'm proud of the progress she's made in her documentary film work and look forward to seeing what she does next!"

Trish Lopez, Teeniors Film Industry


"I have worked with Cynthia in a variety of settings. She has always been very professional, very attentive and very dedicated to group processes. Her dedication to quality work and democratic principles makes her a unique person in our individualistic media culture." 


Enrique Cardiel, a part of the Organizing Committee for the South Valley Marigold Parade.  Pipestone Media Solutions produced their video report for funders in 2009.  Needless to say the funders were blown away by what was accomplished, the video told the story that would have taken volumes to express.

Enrique "Chuy" Cardiel

"I look forward learning abut your business.

Cynthia Gomez,

Creative Producer 


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