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I offer a one hour consultation on most any areas of service I offer. 

Schedule a Consultation on the link below.

A consultation will help determine your needs and how we can work to address them.

The consultation will take at least one hour, but not more than two.  During this time I will ask and clarify questions but mostly listen as you:

  • define your business and goals

  • discuss and evaluate your current use of online resources, including social media

  • explore how you want to grow your business with social media; website commerce, online store, point of sale and social media platforms  to inform consumers, promote products, services and increase your sales.

Managing social media can be overwhelming:

  • I assist to decipher social media and which benefits your business can afford for growing your business.  

Growth Planning can also be overwhelming:

  • I offer a free startup planning guide.

  • I  facilitate mapping of your startup growth plan with your stakeholders.

  • I offer guidance or hands on growth of website text, business images.

  • Develop the set-up a user friendly website.

  • Write text for your website pages.

  • Photograph and place product images, set inventory, descriptions and pricing​ for your online store.

  • I offer a free Media Hack for a do it yourself video-story.

  •  Produce a 3-5 minute unique business video-story to upload online.

  • Do you require the services of a social media manager and at what level of investment. (I can also refer local resources)

  • Contact me if interested in signing up for my workshop for your in-house videographer/editor on how to script and shoot your best story-video.  

More on Social Media Management and Supports

Your time is valuable and social media can easily become a distraction from your day-to-day operations.  Social media pressures users to invest 5 hours a week for months at a time only to generate followers who often do not purchase.  

By identifying and selecting social media elements that work for you with your growth plan, adds value to your business over time.

Social media plan should be a growth plan designed by your as the owner.  You can minimize or eliminate social media pressures by planning your social media growth.  

Take our Social Media Assessment, you can download a copy of the assessment to fill out at your leisure.  I am happy to make this a free consultation for you with no further obligation.

I schedule clients on first-come-basis, usually three months in advance.  

Schedule your consultation send me a direct message  

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