Pipestone Media Solutions'
Media Literacy Education Project

Our Community Service is to collaborate with educators and community leadership

to design and deliver media literacy opportunities across our communities.

Media Literacy is the critical thought process that fuels a civil and democratic society.

"Building a Media Literacy Movement in Your Community" A Community Dialogue is ongoing.  

Once offered as a part of Public Television, Media Literacy as an educational tool, it has been floundering for decades.   Access is essential to generating meaningful democratic engagement and basic safeties and access for children and elders.

Those with less resources are increasingly vulnerable to the pitfalls of technology, often resulting in financial scams; loss of confidence, increased confusion and fear.  Teaching media navigation skills in daily learning, reinforces safer, healthier informed choices, increasing community involvement and wellness.


Offering Media literacy training as an educational tool for teachers and workshops for adults in senior centers can become a part of the solution. 

Whether its in the school classroom or in community centers, senior centers, churches, synagogues, health clinics, museums, open spaces, opportunity to access media literacy can be built into any program.

One such program that bridges the media gap and generational gap is Albuquerque's own "TEENIORS"  -a small business owned by Trish Lopez, she connects knowledgeable, trained and skilled teens with seniors to assist with technology.  Thus the name TEENIORS!

TEENIORS is just one example of how we can take charge of our own vision and connect the right people to each other.  

Why not partner with us in creating new ventures and problem solving.  We need more programs and people like Trish Lopez and Teeniers in our grasp.

Contact me to explore the potential.

Modern Senior Woman

Media Literacy Conversations with New Mexico Educators

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