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Critical thinking: empowerment for understanding media and history.

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Media Literacy Fuels Democracy

Community Service this month is support women's business, El Chante: Casa de Cultura, interviewed on Espejos de Aztlan.  On March 25th, at Recuerdo Cesar Chavez March, NHCC we will share information to startup businesses about social media hack. Media literacy includes how to take advantage of Social Media and not let Social Media take advantage of you.

Media Literacy is the critical thought process that fuels participation

in a civil and democratic society.

Modern Senior Woman

Using free video technology and online media to benefit startup businesses.

“It is important for startups to evaluate and understand that by not participating in the frenzy of social media platforms, we are not out of touch; we need to select the right tools and define effective approaches so to get back to growing our business.”

Step away from the pressures of social media, yet cautious not to discard what can be of value to  meet your growth goals.  There is an upside to using social media and you can take advantage of it.

Reasons to creating your video-story.

Through print, photography, video, film, public radio, and television, I learned how to listen, observe, and gather information that empower perspectives and voice of storytellers to produce unique video-stories.  Capturing a unique story provides consumers reason to engage you’re your business.


It is my goal to support startup businesses with guidance of how to access affordable or free access that places you in the minds of consumers.  Creating your video-story can be done on your own with your own talent and free resources.  Here’s the receipe.

Select basic social media elements that best benefit startup business.

We've all become overwhelmed and depleted by social media pressures to post weekly stories, reels, and tweets.  The good news is that, when designed a business growth plan, it is important to include some marketing aspect.  Free technology and free social media can benefit small and startup businesses, but only if you remain in charge.  I share a strategy that will not only empower business owners but also empower consumers to make informed choices.

There are three components:

1.     The creation of your video-story (get someone with a camera to film and edit)

2.     Use a free online site to upload your video-story and get the link (YouTube Channel; Facebook page or your website)

3.     Get a free QR code to print on your homemade business card.  The QR code scans directly to your video-story.

This this my social media hack and I offer a free guide on my website,  It’s not magic, it takes some effort to establish a one-time investment (mostly time) to generate an immediate and direct link to your video-story. No social media posting, reels or consumer scrolling through social media is necessary.

Your unique and direct link generates interest, builds trust, and leads people to your door, website or pop-up locations.  The QR code won’t expire, it’s reusable for printing and referring friends and family; the QR code can be printed on stickers, posters etc; it can be updated as long as your link is active.

This can be your social media plan.  It does not require updating until your growth plan and resources allow you to jump into a deeper social media dive as part of your business plan.  At that point you will want to hire a social media manager that fits your plan.

Become an active not passive user of social media.  Invest time in understanding how you can grow a social media/marketing plan that works for your business growth.

Meet with a social media manager to get their recommendations about using social media for your startup business.  Do they have a plan that will work for your needs and budget?  Select the parts of social media that will work for you as you grow.  It may be two years or more before you choose to hire a social media manager for marketing your business. Until then, focus on building your business by simplifying the online technology you need to operate and build.

As your business grows so will your need and ability to use social media platforms.  Be assured, they will have evolved by then. 

It is also important to evaluate and understand that by not participating in the frenzy of social media platforms, you stay in touch with what really matters, your business.  Feel confident in your decision.

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