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Media Literacy Resources

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...with increased screen time from school shutdowns, continued exploitation and manipulation of people young and old, and rising levels of mental health issues, we continue to push for urgently needed media literacy education in K-12 schools AS A STARTING POINT. 


Regardless of where you live, you can reach out to your legislators and encourage them to support media literacy efforts in your state.


Article: "I was in the 7th grade when I began to use social media apps."

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Does a defunct NM Literacy organization leave NM without leadership in Media Literacy?

  • Decode media messages (including the systems in which they exist);

  • Assess the influence of those messages on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and

  • Create media thoughtfully and conscientiously.


What has NM accomplished toward Media Literacy in our schools and community organizations?

Media Literacy Conversations with New Mexico Educators

Educator Participant Registration begins April 23, 2023 for May/June/July conversations.

If we have learned anything from our Covid sequesture, New Mexico teachers are under-appreciated and expected to carry the loads as educator, social worker, nurse, counselor, nutritionist, lunch and play-ground monitor. 

Pipestone Media Solutions is inviting teachers from elementary, mid and high school in three separate discussions during the the Months of May June and July to answer the question, "Is Media Literacy is adequately taught in your school?" and if not, "What do you recommend?" and "How might these recommendations be implemented?"  If you are an educator and would like to participate, email Cynthia.

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