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Pipestone Media Solutions is structured on collaboration with artists as educators who share their talents and stories in a structured setting to empower voice, expression, self-advocacy to build a foundation for healthy civic engagement and democracy. 

 We work from the premise  that artistic storytelling in a structured setting,  helps builds individual skills that support relationships between people, organizations, and small business.  In turn this supports thriving families and communities. 

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Director and Producer of  Creative Content


Cynthia J. Gomez

Hello, I am Cynthia Gomez, Native New Mexican, born and raised in the heart of Albuquerque's Old Town.  My family heritage is the product of intergenerational Native American and Hispano cultures, languages and places.  In my mother's words, "We've always been from here." These guiding words helped me understand my deep connection and commitment to this land, the diverse people and cultures. Family and community influence my life as a social worker, educator and facilitator of other people's stories. 


I've seen how stories build, reinforce and maintain health, identity and prosperity of communities. To continue with my storytelling passion, I took drew from childhood experiences of learning values from listening to people's stories; then as a collector and writer of oral history which lead me to documentary video and film production, public radio and spoken word.  Creating Pipestone Media Solutions is the vehicle to support and engage "Artists as Educators" recognizing their unique ability to create, express and share their stories with others as tool toward wellness and healing.  I invite you, to call on me, to explore how our work can support your goals.  Thank you.

Pipestone Media Solutions is a
          New Mexican Story

Storytelling is a central to New Mexico’s culture and traditions, and central to Pipestone Media Solutions mission.


As a child I carefully observed and listened to my father as he met someone for the first time.  He did four things: looked into their eyes, gave his name, shook their hand, then proceeded to name his family village, Pueblitos.

His introduction story established his relationship to place and credibility as an honorable and trustworthy person. By sharing his origin story, my father left a personable, honest, and trustworthy impression.  It was the way things were done to establish trust.  


Introductions are brief, impactful stories that nurture relationships and create opportunity. 

As a young person and student, I enjoyed sitting with elders, listening and recording their stories. Soon I could weave together a community history that when presented back to them, renewed whole communities, reconnected generations and revived their shared values. 

As an educator my passion for teaching through storytelling empowered a healthy and prosperous community.  I believe a strong community is a reflection of how we conduct business, express respect and offer mutual support for one another, this is part of our story


Through public radio and television, photography and video I was able to expanded my craft in how I captured and retold stories.  In 2008, I nudged my way into producing the 2012 award winning documentary film, Land Water People Time by volunteering my knowledge of photography for the National Latino Independent Producers Academy.  It opened doors to develop my filmmaking skills.

Sharing stories is a long standing tradition across New Mexico, equally relevant today as we introduce our businesses to new audiences.  

Today I continue to knock on doors, meet people face to face and explain how I can help them tell their stories.  

Pipestone Media Solutions offers more than a video or social media production, we have expanded to embrace the whole of storytelling as educational tools to actively heal and build wellness into people's lives.

I look forward to working with you and hearing your story.

Cynthia J. Gomez, Director / Producer of Creative Content