Formulas for success

Hi all! I've been scouring the internet for helpful resources for local small business owners. This is my next recommendation I have found helpful for Pipestone Media Solutions! is a great resource for start-up or just off the ground small business; or for any small business for that matter.

In their webinar series, I found free, no cost, no obligation support in thinking out your vision and testing your small business ideas. It also offers insights about the current economy and trends for small business growth. Information that can help you make important decisions about the future of your business.

SCORE has free live and recorded webinars & interactive courses-on-demand on small business topics ranging from startup strategies to marketing and financing.

I tap their page for informative webinars on small business growth information that I found supporting Pipestone Media Solutions as on the cutting edge of services.

In their recent webinar on small business economy and growth they noted that digitizing a small business operations is a necessary step in engaging with their customers, recognizing that "This trend is expected to continue."

This makes so much sense! And this is why we do what we do to support small business owners in creating their own media plan. We are helping connect customers to you through media.

As customers settled into more at home time, they have also increased time is spent on the internet, researching, window shopping, and purchasing their goods and services, sometimes it is both like food delivery, mobile services, finding their favorite local food truck location, who's open and how are they taking appointments, etc.

Your webpage is an essential connection on to to the internet world of social media. Which is so much more than finding friends and fads, it is how the word conducts business.

Your webpage must reflect your current status, especially as it changes with covid guidelines, including: hours of operation, if you are serving on site or will make house calls or drive up services etc. And if you are a local community business, your story is important for consumers to connect to before they purchase. Your business is in competition not only other local businesses, but with the largest internet companies in the world. Yet most local folks understand the community value and benefit of supporting and buying local. Consumers want a personal reason to connect with you, understand what you offer, and why you are the best at what you do.

This is where Pipestone Media Solutions can support you in achieving this goal. Your video story is the personal connection hundreds of community people are looking for. We help make the connection, you do the rest. Your quality service and products will lead to great reviews, referrals and increased customer volume on line or in person, you decide how to serve your new customers.

Remember flexibility and adaptation is necessary in the formula to success.

In the meantime, check out webpage, find a mentor, take a workshop or review their library. It is a resource to expand how you think about your business. This is a perfect time to engage and get the support that can help your as an owner step-up and out of the pandemic funk.

Make it happen! then call us to schedule a free consultation about your media platform needs. We would love to support you!

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