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Great article on Marketing: A Need Read.

I've been writing a proposal for a small business grant. This means sorting out everything I've learned and done over the past two years including wrangeling what Marketing is and what it does. This is likely where I will dedicate one-third of the budget is going, -so I better be define it well.

The article link below defines Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy they are two parts of the whole. This article is a life saver because like many small business owners, I was attempting to identify all the areas of marketing as separate tasks when in reality they are all parts of the sum. Trust me, the co-authors are clear and concise to gain a better understanding of the importance and value of any business marketing, but especially small successful business marketing.

Jump in, it doesn't cost you much time and may save you hundreds of hours struggling to understand how to clearly run your business. Or hire someone who can help you figure it out early so you don't waste time and money. You're Welcome!

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