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RE-View: Hubspot: Social Media Video Types You Can Produce -For That Extra Social Media Punch!

Updated: Mar 13

*NOTE: Please note the Hubspot article states their audience is "small and intermediate businesses". In my opinion this is an example of Social Media Marketers applying pressures for all businesses regardless of size, to invest time and resources into the social media frenzy.

In my experience with startups, following these types of leads will only get them a punch in the gut.

Though the article does offers the latest thinking on social media expansion for those who are ready for a deeper-dive into social media video applications. Be aware these suggestions may shift within two or three months, when another product is ready to launch.

It is important to note that we are reading what appears to be a helpful article on staying ahead of the curve from social media developers and marketers. Their job is to sell social media products and packages. Clearly all-self-serving and misleading small business owners.

Their article, is a large marketing pitch requiring a full time professional social media manager, costing upward of thousand of dollars a year.* This article does not scale for startups or small businesses and appears misleading for the small business owner.

In the full article (link below), Hubspot and VideoAsk teamed up to organized what appears to be a helpful "how to" information page, offering a free version and purchase version of what they identify as invaluable to the beginner and intermediate small business. The article states it can help business understand the types and uses of social media videos available.

Right off the bat Hubspot offers a free product offering The Ultimate Video Marketing Starter Pack. This can be a great tool for planning and creating your videos. There are also good though longer video interviews suggested, discussing the article topics in more detail through interviews.

My recommendation: as a small business, first determine if you are ready to begin the social media journey. Take my social media assessment found in my website content bar. (you can do this later).

After reviewing Hubspot and videoask article, discuss and select your video type following your business goals, management time and approval and budget. Then, explore to find your fit. Continue reading to learn more.

The article reviews 30 second to 2 minute length videos as well as the various purposes and approaches to generating videos as well as where they "live". But regardless where they live, they should always come back to a "landing page" on your website. They break it down offering more detail on the following parts.


Part I: Attract, Engage and "Delight" your customers (my quotes)

The truth is, consumers do want to know more about your business" so keep it clear, simple, and interesting.

  • Facebook, Instagram Business pages and Youtube are two platforms you (may) want to consider as beginning platforms.

  • Link your video adds to redirect or "LAND" clients to the correct page on your website (or if you are a facebook or YouTube Channel those may be your options.)

Here is a list of the various types of video they discuss:

  • Introduction 1-2 minutes

  • Product/Service description

  • Testimonials (user generated content)

  • Vlog like a blog but video shorts

  • Survey quiz videos (interactive)

More advanced video uses, depending on their product and services will consider:

  • Webinar 60 minutes or longer.

  • Tutorials -How to: 2-8 minutes

  • Live stream - Event

  • Reel stories. frequent shorter videos

  • Product Review: Youtube 2-8 minutes

And there are interactive videos with plugins for feedback videos: which also requires a commitment for follow up. These videos are more in the vein of appealing to, or delighting customers in some form.

  • Special Events (Car show; Tournaments; Purple Hair Daze; etc)

  • Thank you video (Show of appreciation to customers)

  • Seasonal videos (Holiday themes with animals; children, Easter Bunny etc)

  • Brand (Highlighting a brand or sale of the month; promotions; etc.)

  • Customer onboarding

  • Behind the scenes look at the business (points of interest; personalities; fun unknown facts; how a delicate product is unpacked and cared for)

For more advanced social media users, Hubspot invites readers to consider using Marketing Automation Software to understand your business growth; organize, simplify and track your customer engagement.


Part Two: How to Create High Quality Video

The authors offer pointers for making a good quality video. Content (authentic story) is the most important part of making a video; the second is video quality which includes background, sound, lighting and talent.

Tips on how to use your phone as a camera and budget friendly advice for upgrading. then in what we call "post-production". or editing, is where filters, add on's etc can be added on depending on the your audience and type of message you are working with.


Part Three: How To Set Up Your Set or Studio

Next the authors are offering a higher level of video production and the types of equipment you should consider. This becomes a bit pricey but great for the enthusiast who has a future in video production.


Part Four: How To Improve and Optimize Your Video

Next the places or video sites to host your videos are described with pro's and cons including Youtube, Vimeo, and Wistia (newer site said to be designed for business)...

It's best to compare services and social media management before you invest; get informed then no matter what, design your social media strategy to make informed decisions about how to grow your business with the aid of social media.

If your small business is not quite ready for the fulltime duty of this job. Pipestone Media Solutions can assist you in the earlier steps of evaluating and designing a social media growth plan. I provide support services for content development for your website. Either way, take advantage of the full article and resources to learn the value of video in attracting, engaging and "delighting" your customers to your front door.

Thank you. I hope this review has been helpful in exploring ways to to expand your social media strategy, now or in the future. I would like to know your thoughts about this review and if you would like to see other topics researched and reviewed.

Like it? Disliked it? Why? What would you like to know more about?

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