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Teeniors, A Safety Valve For Your Senior Owned Small Businesses: Tech Support At Your Fingertips!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Are you running a senior owned small business and tech support is not readily available? Do your computer settings or a path often stall out from allowing your business to move forward? Sometimes it's those little technical things that boggle down our business ideas from working for us. Even if we are experienced in using technology, we often find we can be a bit behind the learning curve.

I certainly have experienced these stuck moments more than I would like to admit. If you are in the business of providing a service that requires use of your computer and phone, it's likely you know what I'm talking about.

Small Businesses like ours, often do not have the budget for hiring technical support staff. We often look to a tech savvy niece or grandchild who may, (or may not) have time to help us out. My other go to has been youtube, or even more time consuming, workshops hoping they will eventually address my specific technical need.

To be honest, these resources rarely help me resolve my realtime issue. More than not, they distract me from the issue, or worse, make it more complicated. Not having tech support is an unfortunate reality for most retiree owned small businesses. I do however have a potential resource.

Allow me to share a story: This morning, I experienced my first one-on-one session with a young savvy support person at Within a few hours I was matched with a young person knowledgeable with my computer system who was also delight to work with. In a few minutes she calmly and respectfully unscrambled my problem. Now, she did not do it for me, but coached me through it! What did this do for me? Together, we undid a mess I got myself into by following youtube videos, I regained my confidence and learned important information about my system and specific steps in improving my computer experience. It was such a rewarding experience, I have my next coaching topic in mind!

Reaching out to Trish Lopen at Teeniors helped me recognize it's ok not to be the expert in all things. It helped me focus on my issue and elevate my business by my becoming better equipped. My one-on-one session provided me with the real time support required to answer questions I didn't even know I had; walking me through the process to understand it step by step. As I become better equipped, I'm a better business owner, prepared to run the day to day.

Teeniors is originally set up for young tech savvy teens to reach out and empowering Seniors. Trish Lopez started Teeniors with the approach of supporting Seniors in understanding and using technology to empower their lives. At the core of their values are: inclusiveness, respect, communication and empowerment. As a Senior Small Business Owner, I recognize this is also an excellent formula for supporting a Senior owned small business. If you as a small business owner are in need of support, I recommend you give them a call for help with your needs. Teeniors is personal, professional and you can be assured of increasing your confidence, resources, time and energy in your business growth. We just don't have time to waste!

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