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What are Social Media Platforms?

Technology and social media move quickly and often overwhelming.

Let's get a handle on the basics.

Social media platforms are the information highways to your customers and may feel like New York City or LA gridlock. It doesn't have to be. Personally I like the frontage roads, they get you to where you are going without many stops, too much traffic. I prefer to avoid the starts and stops of side street rush hour traffic.

Yes, it takes time and it can be worth it. If you as the owner don't have the time to keep up with social media, It is good to get the basics and designate the day to day to someone you trust with your image.

It is good to know how you want to deliver your message to your customers. I suggest three paths that return customers to you: they include your business webpage; Facebook Business Page and Youtube. Once these pages are established, they are managed within a few hours each week by your dedicated person. But how does one get started?

With your logo and a domaine name in place, a business Webpage becomes the engine to everything else. This page becomes your virtual homebase and you work out from there.

Your webpage will be built upon your business goals, mission, and physical contact information. Here is where you place your products and services supported by pictures/images that can be supported by customer testimonials. This is also a great venue for bragging rights such as service awards, sponsorships and memberships like the Small Business Administration, Chambers of Commerce and so on.

Equally important is your story, the reason you are different from the other similar business is either in written form or a short video story.

In order to avoid confusion for your customers, information must be consistent and updated on a weekly basis. Websites offer a contact us, comment or booking options. Again another reason to delegate this duty to someone who is well versed in using social media.

These are steps in building and maintaining your business community and these days is essential to increasing sales.

Like many small businesses we are often busy running our business and don't always give enough attention to our social media presence and return. Can growing your social media presence be of benefit to your customers and your business?

We welcome you to contact us at Pipestone Media Solutions. We offer a free consult to hear your story and offer suggestions that meet your budget.

Are you getting the customer traffic you need? Contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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