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You have the product inventory but no customers, what's next?

It's important to be your own boss, work hard and reap the benefits and satisfaction of doing what you love. Starting a small businesses make sense but renting a space these days is risky and online business can appear overwhelming especially if you are uncertain of where to begin. If you are a vendor at community art/food/craft markets point of sale and online shops can also enhance your visibility and increase sales.

Let's start where you are right now. There are several steps to consider as you look into an online store. Exploring the checklist below can help you envision a plan that fits your needs. Let's take it one step at a time.

Use this checklist to see where you currently stand:

  • A business email is not difficult to get, you just need to use your business name and these are most often free.

  • A business license is renewable yearly and bank account (usually requires a minimal balance) where sales can be directly deposited from your online sales.

  • A website like, Go Daddy, is designed for start up online businesses. The webpage is simplifies and offers an excellent design for startups and as a business owner, I find it is worth the monthly investment, for some working from home it can eliminate renting a storefront.

These are some of the perks of a user friendly website:

  • The page is easily personalized to highlight your business and share your story

  • An easy addition of your product inventory is enhanced by photographs and description.

  • The product inventory also tracks sales and informs you if inventory is low

  • Sales tax rate is adjustable for your location

  • You select your shipping or store pick up terms (free shipping, calculate by weight and distance or curbside pick up!). Available apps calculate for you based on the information you input for each product.

  • You can highlight certain products and create discount coupons.

  • The site offers options for payment such as paypal, and Go Daddy payment offering low rates and direct deposit within 24 hours

  • This is some of what an online store offers the small business owner.

Because customers are familiar and comfortable with online stores a web store is an easy sell -if you can reach them. This is where free Facebook and Instagram comes in to play.

I find in talking with small business owners, they shy away from Facebook. I hear creatives saying over again they want to create the product or provide the service not deal with technology. It's overwhelming, I get it!. It takes a skill set and desire to work within the social media business platforms and know how to enhance a website to reflect the personality of that unique business.

Facebook is linked directly to Instagram one posting gets to two audiences, doubling the reach for the single effort. Facebook now has "Meta Business Suite" is much friendlier and has become a superhighway for growing your customer base and increasing repeat sales.

Free social media is a certain vehicle to get your page noticed locally and as a small business local is where it's at! Because Facebook and Instagram are connected, they can be set up fairly easily. The next step is to marry your website to Facebook/Instagram through :Meta Business Suite" or other social media you desire. Once setup it is much easier to navigate because you were in on building it. It's all business and customer relations after that.

Because these steps can be overwhelming, I offer small business a strategy to launch your online business. I assist small business owners who don't want anything to do with social media or the internet by taking on the tasks they are not interested in doing themselves.

Once an owner sees their products online and experience the ease of online business, it feels like success! A new world opens up to them as a business. it is worth the time and financial investment with many returns coming in form of customers. v

Would you like to see a site I've recently worked on? Visit with a customer's perspective and let me know if this is something you are interested in. I can walk you through the steps as part of a free consultation. Click here - Guadalupana Art Studio.

Your business, your story, your design. This is what I do.

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