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Professionally Created  

Be Memorable, engage consumers

Enhance your consumer's experience of your business and products by sharing your video-story.  The more personal contact you have, the greater impression you make.  Greet consumers in person, generate discussion, listen and share your product and business.  Sale or no sale, continue the conversation by offering your business card for direct access to your video-story. Become memorable.

Creating a QR Code

A QR code is created when the link is tied to your video-story.  It can be printed and used anywhere you can print.  Website, YouTube Channel, Social media, and your business card.

Advantages to your video-story QR link business card.

Your video-story QR code and your customer's smartphone are the perfect match for a direct connection to you.   Eliminate scrolling and hit and miss searching. Instead provide meaningful representation of your business and products.  For non-smart phone users, your business card holds traditional contact information where they can visit your video online.

Creating your video-story

Drawing from your free consultation, I take what I learned to create an interview outline to gathering your story on video, product/service photographs. Then in my studio, I edit your 3-5 minute story and when approved; post it online, generating a unique link to your video-story.  My lived experience in gathering oral histories and documentary film production provides a unique craft to your video-story.

How the QR Code Works

Create your high-tech low maintenance business card with your unique QR code delivering your consumer directly to your video-story.  "Simply scan it" with smartphone camera.  A second QR code for business contact information can also be scan into any smartphone!

No worries:

 QR codes are permanent, they don't  expire and can be updated if the need arises.  

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