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Startup Business Support Guides


Startup Planning Guide

A guide to your startup growth plan is an exploration of your vision.  It is identifying what you know and resources in hand, AND the opportunity to identify what you've yet to learn in the next 6, 8 and 12 months.  Its the vision outline for our business plan. Click below for the free planning guide.


Social Media Assessment

How do you know you are ready to invest in social media as a marketing strategy?  Where are you in your growth plan?  Is your foundation stable enough to invest time and resources in creating and posting reels, stories, several times a week?  What about paid advertising?  Who will manage your social media? Click the link below for the free assessment.


Startup Media Hack

May I suggest a low-cost to no cost media hack.  It consists of three steps. Creating and uploading your own video-story; generating a free QR code link to your story and creating your unique QR code business card.  Direct consumer access to your business and story.  Click on the link below for a free guide. 

Professional Services


Video Production and Photography

Pipestone Media Solutions produces small business video-story packages; special events documentation; video production/editing services.  Photography are placeholder images capturing and a significant moment, interaction, product or service in the consumer's mind.


Website Store Development

Are you ready to set up your website online store?  Creating the visual and text for a website or online store requires written descriptions and photography of story, products and services.  Organizing required product information, pricing, taxes, shipping options and cost and inventory counts; and connecting your business account to your sales method.  


Event Photography

Special events include, anniversaries, celebrations, recognitions, and documenting these events are important history of those celebrating the event.  It is a historical document, memory for later years and a record of growth, development and community support.  As a raw document or an edited event. Your event can be preserved. 

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No-cost  Consultation: Note your interest, i.e.,  General or free support, video-story package.

Cynthia J. Gomez, Owner

Creative Content

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Some things to consider for your consultation:

  • Where are you today in your growth plan? In year-one, two; three-five?

  • If just starting, how would you like to grow your business? 

    • Establish a business name and structure?​

    • Apply for local business license, Federal ID & State Tax Registration

    • Identify an initial location:  Home business; Pop-up or Brick and Mortar Rental?

    • Define your financial Investment: Savings, Investors, Loans?

    • Know your products, research & development, inventory

  • When ready to create an online presence will you:

    •  Take advantage of my free media hack and plan out how to grow your social media strategy? ​

    • Engage immediately in social media platforms?

      • ​create and post stories and reels 2-3 times a week (minimum of five or more hours a week)​​

      • create a budget for "boosting" social media posts

      • increase social media followers to 1K to monetize your site?

    • Invest in a website as a landing page / online store?  

      • design and create text and photographs describe your business?​

      • Set up an online store, inventory, pricing, taxes and shipping?

      • design a business logo or brand?

      • initiate a website email list?

    • Set up a "point of sale" business?

      • select a direct payment method to your bank account.

    • Apply for pop-up events and work from home?

      • research available pop up events in your area

      • ​apply and pay associated fees to pop up organizers​​

    • Investigate brick and mortar business locations?

      • Prepare your three year business history and business plan prepared for taking a bank loan and signing a lease.

Take our Social Media Assessment, you can download a PDF copy of the assessment to fill out at your leisure.  But do it and get back with me.

I schedule clients on first-come-basis, usually three months in advance.  There's plenty of time, social media does not go away, it only becomes more complex.


Are you ready to grow your online presence?

To find your answer, we begin by asking a few questions to serve you better:  Take inventory of your growth plan:
  • Explore your organizational mission, growth and goals.  Do you have a marketing growth plan as part of your overall business plan?
  • Where are you in your business longevity? Less than 1 year, more than two years? More than 3?
  • Assess your use and attitude toward social media. How do you  market? What is working for you?
  • Are you wanting to develop an online presence without committing to daily posting?  (Consider my free social media hack.)
  • Do you have a physical store, online store, or sell at open air markets?  What is the most effective marketing tool for your growth stage?
  • If you have a website, Do you have or want an online store? Do you include product photos, descriptions and pricing? Review your website text and images: does it represent?Is it time to plan an update or begin a website?
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