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Artist Collaborators

Graffiti Artist
Painting Eggs
Weaving by Hand
Fine Woodshop
Working on a Sculpture
Making Notes
Image by Fabiola Peñalba
Reading in Park
Paint Brushes
Traditional African Masks Watercolor
Children Painting Wall

Pipestone Media Solutions provides an umbrella for collaboration as Artists, and Cultural Educators.  We encourage building networks of opportunity through workshops and learning events within and across communities.  


The structure:

  • Recognize similarities and honor differences as a foundation of every gathering and tools for creativity and effective problem solving.

  • Exploring expectation of the event. 

  • Facilitator guides members to identify and strengthen skills including: focused listening; speaking gistfully; observation and remembering; note taking; offering feedback; building from other ideas and problem solving.

  • A storytelling and artistic expression such as movement, poetry, monologue, drawing each creates opportunity to affirm and validate individuality, group and conflict resolution. 

  • Art belongs to its creator either individually or collectively yet interpretation as observer is also recognized.  Individual and group art projects are documented by photography. 


Artist and Cultural Ambasadors continue to schedule locally and across the state. Locally in New Mexico, and across the country, we have held cultural and storytelling and cultural workshops, screened films, exhibited art,  at cultural and educational sites, senior centers, galleries and museums across New Mexico including: UNM, Northern New Mexico College, Northern Rio Grande Heritage Foundation, The Village of Abiquiu, El Rito, Taos, Las Vegas, Albuquerque Hubble House, the Guild Theatre, Los Jardines Institute, South Broadway Cultural Center, Santa Fe Theatres, Belen Museum and Portales, among other venues.   

Artists in Residence:

Vaughn Harris,  Eldest of three siblings raised by his single mother, aunts and uncles whose love, compassion, and dedication was inspired by the Virgin de Guadalupe, an indigenous identified mother of compassion and miracles. Vaughn has been painting cultural images including Madonna, Comadre, Hermana, Matachine and out of the box art for over 14 years. Vaughn is currently preparing a Madonna coloring book. To view his art at

Cynthia Gomez, filmmaker and oral historian, is a community educator with a Masters of Education.  Her workshops and curriculum have been taught in school classrooms and community settings on a variety of skills development and cultural topics. She is a collector of stories as a documentarian and utilizes them to promote small businesses. She is a co-producer of  documentary film, Land Water People Time, examining people's relationship to place within New Mexico.  

Our collaborations are both formal and informal inviting artists to network in our communities.

   Contact me to discuss your interests.

Artisanal Weaver
Wooden Car
Elderly Taking Picture

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