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Social Media Assessment

Twenty important questions that can save you money, time, and prevent social media anxiety. 


  • Where are you in your business growth plan design?


  • How many years have you been in operation?


  • Do you currently have a business website?

            Are you interested in selling online?

  • Do you have an online store?

              Y/N          Do you currently have photographs and pricing of the majority of your products?

Y/N     Do you have written text that can be used for your site?

Y/N      Do you have pricing for your products/services?

Y/N.    Have you considered how you will ship and shipping costs?

              Y/N         Do you have a 3-5 minute video-story of your business online?


  • Do you have Facebook, Instagram accounts?

                Y/N       Are you set up as a personal page? 

                Y/N       Do you post for your business on your personal page?

                 Y/N      Are you set up for a business? 

                 Y/N       Do you use Meta?

                               Are you comfortable using Meta?   Y/N, Somewhat


  • What other social media platforms do you currently use?


  • What business social media platforms would you like to use? 







  • Who manages any social media you now have?



            Social Media Manager



  • How comfortable are you, yourself in using social media?

            Not at all



            Very comfortable


  • What questions do you have about social media? (use back if needed)





  • If/when you engage your business in social media platforms.  How much time do you think you will invest in posting stories and reels; tweets etc. a week?


                      1-2 hours a week

                      3-5 hours a week

                      6-10 hours a week




  • At what point in your business growth will you be able to hire a social media manager?  Circle response. (Social media management will likely charge $250 per month for startup and small businesses)


                 Now or within the next six months

                 In another year

                 In another two years

                A social media manager is not my priority at the moment.



  • What benefits do you expect from investing your time on social media platforms. (circle all that applly)


                Peak consumer interest and lead to your website or online store

                Build a following

                Direct sales of product

                They contact me

               Name and product recognition

               Increase website visits

               Lead to online sales

               Get subscribers

                Generate likes

               Get endorsements




  • Do you have a good understanding and operation of:

              SEO Search Engine Operations

             Algorithms (analysis of how your page is performing)

             Meta Business (Facebook and Instagram linked posting system)

             Social Media Boost/paid adds

  • How much pressure do you feel to use multiple social media platforms?


              I don’t feel any pressure

              I love it and thrive on it

              I don’t care one way or the other

              It overwhelms me

              It overwhelms me but I feel I have to use social media



  • How does social media fit into your growth plan and financial plan at the moment?

  • How so?

  • Do you have a volunteer social media manager?

  • If so, how many hours a week do they post for your business?

  • Are you financially set to hire a social media specialist at or below $250 a month?


  • Are you creating your own social media posts inhouse at this time?

            If so, does this fit well in your plan?

            Does doing your own social media serve you the way you imagined it would?

            What more would you want to learn about social media?

            How long will you post in house before it becomes too much to handle yourself?


  • Is creating social media taking you away from other aspects of your business?


                   What would you work on if you had the 10 or 15 hours a week spent on social media?


  • What has worked for you?


  • What social media platform not worked for you or disappointed you?


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