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Pipestone Media Solutions
Pre-Consult Questions

Questions to consider before scheduling your consultation. Take a minute to think this through and write your answers to begin a plan.  If you are not sure, its ok.  Together we will figure it out.

1. What's your story? Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to to create and run your business? 

2. Where do your customers come from?  In the past 6-12 months, how have you reached out or stayed in contact with your customers?  

3. What do customers know about your business? 

4. Do you have a business website or use free social media to promote your business?  

5. What makes you unique?

6. How do you feel about using a website and social media to grow your business?

Interested in exploring this conversation,

let's get the conversation started with a no cost consultation.


Building Better

Now is the time for business to renew and recover from Covid and its variants.  It takes courage, strength and time to recover.  There is nothing small about Mom & Pop business and we know you have taken a big hit throughout the pandemic.  When you are ready, we want to be the support you call to regroup and rebuild your business and community.

We also understand this can be overwhelming and time consuming.  We can help you navigate this part of regrouping.  Our approach is to listen to your needs and ability to grow at your pace.  We can design your plan together.  

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